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Matéa Lake LeBeau is a multidisciplinary artist
currently living and working in Ithaca, NY.

What is permanent within us? What do we deem important enough to make permanent? What is the meaning of permanence in a time of such great instability, erasure, and destruction? I hope to spark meditations on these ideas - both in others and within myself - through the reorganization of materials across artistic disciplines.

In moments of uncertainty, I find that the creation of the tattoo can bring about tender, vulnerable, and decisive moments of exchange between people. My work focuses on finding new ways to embrace the present through the slow devotional process of the hand-poked tattoo and through the rearrangement of the art making processes I have grown to fall in love with. For me, this type of material and social experimentation emboldens the preciousness of human connectedness, even in the most precarious of times, as we look towards our collective future.


LeBeau’s art practice has utilized sculpture, printmaking, fiber arts, animation, video, graphite drawing, photography, performance art, tattooing, paper making, and painting to work through anxiety around and investigate the fragility of the present ecological moment we inhabit. LeBeau is also a self taught hand poke tattoo artist – she loves tattooing very much. Let her know if you want a tattoo, she’d love to give you one <3

LeBeau received her BFA from Cornell University in December, 2022.

email for further inquiries.