Matéa LeBeau 


hand poked tattoos
in Ithaca, NY



$50 deposit required to book your session and will be deducted from the total cost of your tattoo!

Cash, Zelle, and check are my preferred method of payment for the remainder of your tattoo.

After we disucss the details of your tattoo I will give you an estimate quote based on the piece you want.  I offer a price range to compensate for any last minute changes or specifications that may arise on the day of your tattoo!  
If the higher end of the quote is out of your budget, please consider saving up and waiting to get your tattoo – we can always reschedule <3 

Pricing is per piece and based on four main factors:

1. Flash or Custom
2. Size
3. Detail
4. Placement

1.  Flash or Custom

FLASH (pre-drawn designs):

minimum $150


minimum $200 -- (exceptions for very simple, small designs)

2. Size

Here’s a quick guide on price based on sizing!

*Factor in ~$10-40 extra per bracket for most custom pieces*

~1-2 inches – $150 - 180 

~2-4 inches – $180 - $250

~4-6 inches – $250 - $350

~6-8 inches – $350 - $450

~8 inches and up – $450 - $600 +
  • price negotiable, multiple sessions

3. Detail

The more detailed the piece, the longer it will take, and therefore the more expensive the tattoo will be.

4.  Placement

Arms & legs ($)

Hands, back, shoulder blade ($$)

Ribs, chest, neck, stomach, hips ($$$)

I do not tattoo fingers!

*** please let me know in advance if you have a specific budget so we can work within it!  ***

Tips are unnecessary but always appreciated!  The quotes I give you are encompassing of what I expect from each piece.
If you’d like to tip anyway, I also accept and adore non-monetary tips!
I love clothing, vintage and handmade items, books, food, booze, stickers, fossils, knick nacks... But again, only if you’re feeling it :) 


If you experience ink fall out or want a touch up after your tattoo has healed (2-4 weeks), please email me with photos of your tattoo and we will set up an appointment for free! ~~~